The Quiet Wars

With The Hurt Locker having won Best Picture this year (deservedly, I thought), the wars we are waging have been on my brain. They get so little press coverage. Today in Salon, Glen Greenwald writes:

Everyone from the Founders to George Orwell thought (and hoped) that the massive societal costs which wars impose would be a deterrent to their being fought, but, given the types of wars the U.S. chooses to wage, most Americans who express their “support” for them bear absolutely no perceived cost whatsoever.  Worse, many who cheer for our wars enjoy that most intoxicating and distorting reward:  cost-free benefits, in the form of vicarious feelings of strength, purpose, nobility and the like, all from a safe distance.  It’s very difficult to generate attention for political issues that Americans fail to perceive so directly and tangibly affect them — that’s why the failing economy receives so much attention and our various wars (and civil liberties erosions) do not.

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